BioDigitalPC® the world's first x86 credit card sized PLUGGABLE COMPUTER(PC)


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The Vision

Founded by Michael Arnouse in 2002 on the principle of addressing security issues in a post 9/11 digital world. His goal was to create a revolutionary, interchangeable compute platform which gives users an unprecedented level of flexibility, compute power, small size, low power use and ultra-high security. As a result ADDC invented the world’s first credit card sized x86 pluggable computing card, called BioDigitalPC®, named for its rugged eco-friendliness.

About the BioDigitalPC®

Credit Card Sized Form-factor

Flexible micro-form factor allows for easy implementation and creation of new devices. The BioDigitalPC® can easily be carried in a wallet of purse or military uniform.

Extremely Energy Efficient

Rugged Industrial patented greatly reduces the need for power and cooling and increases the longevity of ADDC devices. BioDigitalPC® uses 90% less power and requires no chilled air cooling.


BioDigitalPC® Cards can be used as Servers and Appliances, then re-purposed as desktop PCs.

Made in the USA

US Based Manufacturing allows for rapid prototyping and time to market.

Highly Secure

Micro-form factor cards can be embedded in virtually any device that requires the highest level of intelligence. Cards can be easily removed in an emergency or combat situation.


The BioDigitalPC® pluggable computer is waterproof and shockproof. The patented Pluggable technology enables the BioDigitalPC® to be reused from Server to Desktop to virtually anything that needs compute power.

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4 May

AUSA Sustaining Member Profile

Arnouse Digital Devices Corp. (ADDC) created the next revolution in computing. The BioDigitalPC® is an x86 credit card sized, pluggable, fully functional computer, equivalent to the modern desktop computer. All generations of the BioDigitalPC® are built on a platform that is backward and forward compatible.

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